DIY Kid's Dress-Up Rack

My girls LOVE dress-ups. In the past we've always had a costume basket or trunk, but we wanted to try something new for the play room redo.

 photo 40.jpg

 photo 37.jpg

I bought an 8 foot (which we had cut in half in the store) and a 3 foot length of copper pipe, two copper floor flanges and two elbow connectors at Home Depot, as well as four casters and a 4 foot pine board.

Rust Mohair Slipper Chair

A long time ago, I fell in love with a rust-colored velvet slipper chair I saw at Lillian August. I loved the cream contrasting welt. It felt so pretty and fresh to me!

 photo bIMG_3785.jpg

 photo vIMG_3788.jpg

A year or two later, I found this tight-backed slipper chair at the Restoration Hardware outlet from their deconstructed line.

 photo ccIMG_8972.jpg

 photo vIMG_8971.jpg

I think it was about $100. We kept it in our living room in the brownstone while I was trying to figure out what fabric to cover it in (or really, just trying to find the time to do it).

 photo aDSC_0111.jpg

Then after we moved to Phoenix and while I was rushing to get the house ready for the Domino shoot, I popped into one of my favorite local fabric stores called SAS Fabrics (the one on Indian School is the best) and I found a few yards of the prettiest deep rust, almost oxblood, mohair fabric there for only $3.99 a yard! I used a lot of dusty mint colors in our library and music room area and I loved how these colors looked together.

 photo vIMG_4687.jpg

I had my upholsterer follow the curve of the back and sides with a cream piping, inspired by the Lillian August chair that I saw so many years ago.

 photo LR4.jpg

 photo LR2.jpg

Isn't it funny how some things just sort of stay with you? I'm so glad I finally got my rust slipper chair. I feel like it was a long time coming! :)

 photo LR1.jpg

DIY Paper Flowers Sharpie Bouquet

School started for us this week (already!). Last Monday we had a Meet the Teacher night, where the girls got to see their classrooms and were introduced to their new teachers. We got the school supplies list that night too, which asked for pretty basic stuff, but there was also a wish list at the bottom that asked for more out-of-the-box, and maybe a little more expensive items. It reminded me of a post I read on Design Mom that talked about how teachers spend on average about $1000 of their own money on classroom supplies! That really broke my heart and made me want to pitch in as much as we could give.

 photo IMG_1526copy.jpg

Coincidentally, Office Depot contacted me about sharing their #TeachersChangeLives campaign with a DIY teacher's gift that included school supplies for the new school year. The campaign is a great one, and they have even provided coupons to Office Depot to make it a little easier for families to help out these wonderful teachers!

 photo IMG_1470.jpg

I talked it over with my girls, and after consulting the bottom of the school supplies wish list, we decided it would be fun to make a bouquet of paper flowers with Sharpie stems. It ended up being a better project for my bigger girls, but Evie helped out a lot on hers, too. I cannot tell you just how excited they were to give their teachers this bouquet!!! It was so fun for all of us.

Black and Ivory Wire Stools

Remember my wire barstools? I had been planning to paint them for a while and when we finished the kitchen redo, it was time to figure something out.

 photo zIMG_0611.jpg

Any time I'm looking for inspiration (or if I'm just bored, which is weird, I know) I hop over to 1st Dibs or Chairish to get inspired by beautiful antique and vintage furniture. I saw these Bertoia stools on 1st Dibs and I LOVED the color combo of cream on the seat and black on the legs.

 photo b1_l.jpeg

I found the perfect color of ivory semi-gloss spray paint called Navajo White from Rustoleum. It's so pretty and warm!


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